Best described as opulent, the Ouray Collection translates traditional designs into todays colors using the most luxurious fiber—hand spun silk. Very finely woven, the pale palettes and shorn piles of these pure silk rugs emit a luminous glow. The intricate designs vanish and reappear as the light plays against the direction of the silk. Such dazzling pieces are a rarity. Finely hand knotted in India with a pure, hand-spun silk pile.
Construction: Hand Knotted Actual Sizes:
5'6" x 8'6"
7'9" x 9'9"
8'6" x 11'6"
9'6" x 13'6"
11'6" x 15'0"
Country of Origin: India
Fibre Content:

6133F Blue/Ivory

6174F Silver/Grey

6131-F Ivory/Rust

6132-F Smoke/Ivory